Steam hardware study demonstrates Ampere and CPU core utilization growth

Steam’s regular monthly hardware survey has been unveiled for February 2022, and it proceeds to demonstrate advancement in quite a couple of parts. Whilst some aspects like VR use stayed stagnant, there was a continued boost in the use of a number of graphics cards and CPUs.

When on the lookout at the graphics card facet of things, the numbers point out that more and more people are starting to get their arms on Ampere-based graphics playing cards. The GPUs that observed the biggest boost was the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop computer GPU at .29% to 2.35% and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 at .26% to 1.92%. When individuals percentages glance compact, with over 120 million energetic customers, you are hunting at around 348,000 new consumers using a cellular GPU and around 312,000 consumers eventually becoming a member of the ranks of Ampere graphics card proprietors. Clearly that does not account for these who did not get the study, but we’re performing as nevertheless every single consumer did to put the figures into standpoint.


Aside from the RTX 3090, which fell by .01%, each other offered Ampere-based card noticed an increase in adoption. The RTX 3050 jumped up .20%, even though the RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3060 Ti both of those elevated by .09%.

Nvidia GPU shares mounting is certainly excellent news for group green, but what about AMD? Well, sadly for them, it is a bit of a different story. Only one particular AMD graphics card observed an improve in usage in February — the RX 6700 XT which rose by .01% to .22%. Each individual other standalone AMD GPU noticed either no improve or a decrease in current market share.

Steam Hardware Survey GPUs

CPU cores on the rise

In addition to graphics playing cards, CPUs also noticed an maximize in the typical amount of cores remaining identified in machines. Quad-main devices fell by .82% in February, whilst six- and 8-main machines amplified by .78% and .60%, respectively. Even 12- and 16-main CPUs noticed modest improves in February. That claimed, for the time currently being, quad-core ongoing to be most preferred with a 34.74% usage share.  Though the quantity is still extraordinary, it was the sixth thirty day period in a row that quad-core utilization fell. Thus continuing to solidify the perception that quad-core and decreased CPUs just aren’t going to slice it much lengthier for modern day Computer gaming.

In regards to Intel vs AMD, Intel noticed its user share boost by .04%, though AMD fell .04%. As of putting up, Intel retains a 69.04% of the CPU marketplace according to Steam’s numbers, and AMD retains 30.92%. As a lot more hardware is created offered, it’s quick to presume the quantities will carry on to fluctuate all through March. With AMD releasing a new CPU into the wild before long, it’ll be fascinating to see if they make any dent in the sector relocating ahead.