Reliance on computers in the course of COVID-19 helps make us significantly less humane

A bizarre sort of efficiency has been amplified by the pandemic. It is often been among us, essential and unwelcome. Through our lockdowns alongside with masking and socially distancing, it has lurched dangerously close to getting the norm. As we appear forward to a spring and summertime without the need of masks or crowd restrictions, we need to be conscious.

The situation came to the fore yesterday when I bumped into an old mate outside Sweet Lifetime Patisserie. Sweet Existence (like so several other people) has not made available sit-down solutions for most of the previous two yrs, so bumping into persons on sidewalks has been really substantially our only bumping-into alternative these times.

My buddy spent most of the pandemic sensation lonely and separated from other folks. In any other city, she’d be regarded as an activist. In Eugene, she is witnessed as just a regular person. She a short while ago adopted a puppy dog, who delivers her joy in spite of headlines about war, ecological disaster and financial dislocations.