4 Reasons You Should Make Web Conferencing Part of Your Business Today

 1)It Is Cheap.

The prices on web conferencing services have come way down in recent years.

What used to cost literally hundreds of dollars has since deflated down to extremely affordable prices.

Snoop around the web and you will find that decent web conferencing services can be had for as little as $20 per month.

Buyer beware should be the rule as usual but this stuff isn’t only for $100 million dollar businesses anymore.

2)The Productivity Boom.

Web conferencing can drive your business to be more productive.

No doubt.

More than half of my day used to be wasted going to and from meetings.

Cutting out just 15% of travel time can make a huge difference.

Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else besides waiting to go to meetings?

Web conferencing can significantly cut down on your wasted time and can help your business become more profitable also.

3)The Technology Is There.

The technology has piggybacked the broadband revolution.

What used to be choppy video in a 3 inch by 4 inch square has turned fully interactive, multi-user, and full screen.

Web conferencing is big, stable, and enjoyable.

This part of the internet has come a long way since 1999.

4)Web Conferencing Is Good For Environment.

Another bonus is that web conferencing allows you to save commuting time and therefore we use less fossil fuels.

Everyone could deal with less global warming.

The computer time used to web conference must be amortized in here somewhere as making and running a computer isn’t exactly fantastic for the environment.

However, the few hours it takes to web conference surely outweigh the environmental damage that 5 people running their cars does to our planet.

Check out web conferencing.

You’ll be amazed how far it’s come and how far you could go with it…